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Getech Depaneling

Circuit Board Depaneling

Circuit board depanelling is a process used in the manufacturing of electronic equipment. As Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) become increasingly smaller and their components tinier, it is now common to manufacture or make one multi surface board or block containing numerous smaller PCBS that can be disassembled or ‘depaneled’ at a certain stage in the production process and used as an end product. Due to the delicate nature of the PCBs and the intricate details used in their manufacture, it is important to reduce stresses on the components and keep damage to the PCB at a low level. Any circuit board depanelling that is undertaken needs to therefore be completed with complete precision and accuracy in order to avoid any stresses. Various methods exist in the industry, from rudimentary equipment such as saws and routers to expensive laser machines. There is also a process known as routing, which is commonly used to get the job done with accuracy.

The Getech GSR is one such router. Semi automatic, the machine allows continuous routing at speeds of up to 100mm/s with no disruption to the line at loading and unloading stage. The necessary software for operating easily allows the operator to set up the routing paths in minutes. With accuracy and precision, the Getech standalone GSR is manufactured with parts of the highest quality, guaranteeing the best results, and with internal mechanisms protected from dust and dirt the lifetime of the system will not be compromised. Its next generation equivalent, the ESR 1000 is another example of a premium quality stand alone circuit board depaneling system. The company also offers 3 inline routing ranges – the GIR, the IDM1000 and the RBM. Unlike the standalone systems, these three machines can be easily integrated into production facilities with automated changeover technology, all manufactured to the highest quality and specification to enable a smooth integration into a production line.