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Industrial Detergents, Chemicals & Spare Parts


Kolb Cleaning Detergents

Cleans flux residue, colophonium, oils and greases, quickly, thoroughly and with the best possible care.

Water based alcaline broadband cleaning concentrate.

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Galden Vapor Phase Reflow Fluid

During Vapor Phase Heating (VPH), parts are directly immersed in a heated vapor blanket.

Galden perfluoropolyether (PFPE) fluids are available with boiling points from 165°C to 265°C.

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Splice Tape



Splicing tapes



Splicing tapes are used to make a manufacturing process continual, joining the end of a web of material to the beginning of a new web.

This helps avoids valuable down time due to rethreading.

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spare parts

Atek has a large variety of replace parts for majority of machines that we manage and distribute.

Browse our catalog of replacement parts today!

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Atek LLC offers 3 different types of industrial detergents. All of our industrial detergents are water based and are subject to regulations EG 648/2004 VO. They come in concentrate form and must be diluted to achieve their highest efficiency. These detergents are used to clean a variety of equipment. The Kolb ContraFlux industrial detergent is the most versatile detergents for air flow systems. The multiEX B11 detergents comes in either ready mix or concentrate and is a multifunctional water based cleaning industrial detergent. This detergent cleans SMD-paste, adhesive, colophonium and flux. The last cleaning agent we offer is actually a pH reducer. This pH reducer will reduce the pH to approximately 6-8. The pH needs to be reduced in order for environmentally friendly disposal. Please click on each product to learn more about it. If you have any questions you can contact us at anytime and we would be happy to assist you!