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PCB Cleaning Technology




PCB Cleaning

Modern Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) can become dusty and dirty, and flux can remain on the board after the manufacturing process is completed. This can be harmful to the board itself, and can cause overheating due to restricted air flow around the components. Small residues and dust left after the soldering process can lead to corrosion and can also put the system at risk of short circuiting. It is therefore necessary at times to clean the PCB of these residues and dirt build-up in order to ensure efficient and safe system operation. However, due to the delicate nature of modern PCBs and the numerous small parts that are used to make up the boards, it can be very easy to damage the materials. Fortunately, modern PCB cleaning equipment and tools exist to ensure that PCBs can be cleaned efficiently without major damage to components. These tools and machines offer the greatest accuracy whilst cleaning to a high standard.

Atek offers a range of suitable machinery and products for PCB cleaning under the Kolb brand. Their  Kolb Fine Cleaning range includes the PS3 which can be used to effectively clean stencils and actual solder frames, and the PS07 which offers automatic cleaning in stages to a larger surface area. The PSB600 offers fully automated batch cleaning. They also offer a maintenance pcb cleaning range – the Kolb AF15 and PS41 offer cleaning of frames and tools to ensure a high quality finish. The range also includes the corresponding cleaning product and detergent needed for each machines, including Contraflux which washes flux and residue, MultiEX which cleans not only flux but also adhesive and other residue whilst also offering additional component protection, and a pH reducer in order to be able to dispose of cleaning materials in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner.