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Ebso Selective Soldering

SPA Series
Many components, due to their thermal sensitivity can not be soldered with a traditional wave solder process.

To automate this process the answer is selective soldering.

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For more then 25 years, Ebso has been the core competence center for forming, cutting and kinking of traditional through hole components.

We offer many solutions to fit you specific application.
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Selective Solder

As modern circuit boards become more and more complex, with smaller and more intricate components, traditional soldering by hand is no longer a possibility for many applications. The connection of the 2 components must be done in the most accurate way possible, and for that reason, and to keep operating costs down, it is much more practical to use the selective solder methods available today. Selective soldering also reduces the risk of damage to PCBs through thermal cycling and heat damage which is common in more traditional assembly methods, and its accuracy ensures that parts that have already been exposed to other methods of soldering will not be damaged in the process. There exist a variety of methods available to complete the process, including the newly developed laser systems currently on the market to ensure that thermally sensitive PCBs are treated and processed correctly without having to painstakingly cover the affected areas with specially made masks.

Atek Systems provide a variety of such selective solder machinery, branded as the EBSO range. The basic model, the EBSO SPA 300, is an automatic system which operates on manual loading. It is ideal when hand soldering is not a possibility due to the reasons mentioned above, and is especially useful when traditional wave soldering is not an option. The available soler area is 300mm x 300mm, and software updates are achievable with a USB card. The similar SPA 400 model offers a larger solder surface area of 400x400mm. The company also offers the SPA 500 model – a larger machine with a 510x510mm solder area, manual loading capability and 2 solder pots for greater flexibility and control for the complete soldering process. Competitively priced, and with changeable nozzles, the EBSO range offer a realistic and appropriate automatic solution for medium sized soldering applications.